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Custom Geographical Information Systems, Web Maps, Spatial Analysis, Land Management Consulting and more.


DBMS custom design and setting up. Python, PHP, Java and C# coding.
Front-end and back-end development.


Android, Universal Windows Platform, iOS, HTML5 apps and web apps development. Custom websites start-up services.

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MobileMap Sicilia

Official maps of Sicily

Status App

Buildings status reporting


Licata tourist map-app

Web startup

Website start-up service


Archeological tourist map-app


Professional training courses

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  • 2012 - 2013

    Geofunction founded

    Gianfranco and Fabio decided to work together in a warm Sicilian summer afternoon. Since the beginning three keywords of their business are: Maps, Apps and Web development. Their first name was Geofunction Development Team. The first Android app released was MobileMap Italia: the un-official mobile viewer of Italian cartographies. In January 2013 Gianfranco and Fabio agreed to start a business and they founded a company called Geofunction Srls. The CEO was Gianfranco, the team was composed by founders and associated people.

  • 2014 - 2015

    Web Maps & Apps

    The start-up years are the most exciting for every company. Within two years, were launched about ten apps, and the company reached hundreds of clients. In these years the R&D was also productive: the team published about 10 both national and international papers. At the end of 2015 Geofunction Srls has about 10 collaborators around Italy and Spain involved in app development and GIS.

  • 2016 - 2017

    Business expansion

    In 2016 we decided to revisit our corporate positions to revive and stabilize the company. Fabio is the new CEO and we decide to standardize and engineer the software development methodologies. We redefined our products and services and the company was growing month by month. In late 2017 Geofunction became leading in consulting for SME and corporate companies in mobile GIS area.

  • 2018

    Training firm and more

    In early 2018, due to The Seveso European Directive, Geofunction delivered GIS training courses to some municipalities of Eastern Sicily. In Spring 2018 our company was selected for two international events: Smau London and Smau Berlin. Our products and expertise grow-up, but our mission is the same: your land, our functions!

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Fabio Rinnone

Co-Founder & CEO

Gianfranco Di Pietro


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