Topography notes

 Topography notes

Appunti di topografia, (topography notes) in Lingua Inglese
Italy – 2016 written by: Prof. Gianfranco Di Pietro

Geofunction Srls


 Table of contents:

angle-thingy-iconGeometry sin



Triangles and poligons


Coordinate transformations


Cartography fundamentals

List of lessons:

1-2. Geometry and topography notations

1) The angles

2) Polar and cartesian coordinates


3. Trigonometry

3.1) Trigonometric functions

3.2) Graphs of trigonometric functions

3.3) Trigonometric functions of complementary and supplementary angles

3.4) Frist quadrant reduction

3.5) Inverse trigonometric functions

3.6) Trigonometric functiton of a same angle

3.7) Natural solutions of trigonometric functions

3.8) Most important trigonometric formulas

3.9) Solving trigonometric equations


4. Triangles and polygon

4.1) Right triangles fundamentals

4.2) Basic right-triangles solving

4.3) Law of sines

4.4) Projection law

4.5) Law of cosines (Carnot)

4.6) Law of tangents

4.7) Law of Delambre and law of Briggs

4.8) Triangles solving

4.9) Triangle Area

4.10) Triangles circles

4.11) Quadrilateral solving


5. Coordinates transformations

5.1) Coordinates (type system) transformations

5.2) Coordinates translations

5.3) Coordinates rotations

5.4) Relative Azimuth and distance

Cartography fundamentals

6.1) Earth’s shape approximations



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